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Is my detector broken?


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I have been borrowing a White's GoldMaster V/Sat from a friend for the last year and a half. I have recovered a lot of trash targets including some very small pieces of iron and lead up to a depth of 8 to 10 inches. Last week I recovered my first nugget. I haven't weighed it but I believe it is approximately 0.4 or 0.5 grams. I am basing this weight on comparing it to the size of some nuggets I own that have been weighed at 0.5 grams. When I found the nugget it was right on the surface and the detector made a faint zip zip tone when the coil passed over.

Now that I have found the nugget I have been using it to test the machine and I have noticed that the only way the machine picks up the nugget is when the coil passes in very close proximity to it. I don't understand why I the machine doesn't make a stronger sound over the nugget and why the coil has to be so close. Could this be an indicator that the electronics on the machine are going bad or is it a possible indicator that the ground balance is not set correctly? Any advice would be appreciated. I'm not expecting the V/Sat to pick up targets several feet down but I am concerned that I may be missing targets that are only a few inches below surface.

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Your at the machines max abilities thats all. Air tests are totally worthless as the conductivity/interference/heavy mineralization of the ground is the determining factors in all machines ability to find nuggets. Go to a local Mom and Pop store and ask for help as they are usually the best way to go for ease of mind and expert opinions. BUY LOCAL-John

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I respectfully disagree...a half gram nugget should scream on the surface...I think you have a poor connection to the audio circuit and your headphones...

Are you using stero headphones, is the jack fully seated in the receptacle...are you sure the headphones work???

IF, you are not using headphones or if you are certain that is not the problem then send the unit to Whites and let them figure it out...

My gmt found a 1/10 GRAIN nugget on the surface and gave a faint but distinct signal...


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Aloha woodsy,

Fred said it all when he said to send to unit back to Whites for a thorough tuneup. These guys at Whites will absolutely tell you if your unit needs fixing and how much it will cost. My advice: Let them do their thing with your unit and you wont be dissapointed in the results.

Aloha and stay safe.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I was using headphones at the time I found the nugget but have run tests with the machine without the headphones and get the same result. I tested the machine by passing the nugget over the coil while in the air and after placing the nugget on the ground. I think I will try burying it a short distance to see if I get the same result. If that fails, I will take your advice and send it back to Whites for a tune up. I know that the person who owns the machine kept it in storage for a long period of time and I suspect the temperature variations may have played havoc on the electronics. Thanks again for everyone's input. I knew this was the place to come for some answers.

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Howdy Woody,

Hope I'm not too late for some advice for you so here goes. Check and be sure all excess coil wire around the shaft is wound up around the shaft as far away from your coil as you can get it.

Even though the coil wire is shielded it can cause you to neutralize your coil to a great degree. Also it might not be a bad idea to clean all connections with "electronics spray cleaner" while at it. Here's wishing you the very best in your quest for that "yeller stuff"

Wishbone NM

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Hi Woody

Wishbone has it correct on the coil wire. Also remove the coil cover and clean out any debri or black sands. Gold will always be the hardest target for any detector to hear. Because it won't create an aura of oxides in or on the ground as all other metals will.

Happy Huntin John B.

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