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Some good advice for a tourist?


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Hi all! happy0199%5B1%5D.gif

My name is Harry and I am from Austria (no good gold there.. )...I plan a trip to Arizona in February/March next year... and the main goal will be GOLD ...aside meeting great people and enjoying this beautiful country of course!

Maybe you guys can give me some good advice...

First of all I will need a detector...In Austria I use the ACE 250 for coin and relic hunting (World War II)...but I am sure the Ace won´t do it on mineralised ground...so I´m thinking about to buy or rent a new one ...GBII or GMT...Does anybody know if it is possible to rent a detector for two or three weeks or should I better buy one?

How are the weather conditions at that time?No problem for nugget hunting...and camping? How about SNAKES in spring time???

Is it also possible to pan or sluice in February/March??Water?

But most important of all: Am I allowed to hunt and dig for gold...as a TOURIST?Do I need a permission?

Do YOU need a permission??Or is it okay on public land?And how do you identify public land...sorry for the stupid question...but are claims and private property always marked?

So guys..thats all for the moment...I hope my english isn´t too bad and I hope some of you have the time and the heart to give me the one or other helpful answer to make my holiday a (gold) story of success

Best wishes to all of you... and of course a lot of fun and gold with this awesome hobby!

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English is fine and I do rent out detectors, I have a Minelab Eureka Gold or X-Terra 705 available.

Access is the real problem these days with gold prices what they are with every Tom, Dick, and Harry locating claims on most known gold producing areas on our public land. The solution is to join a club if even for one year to make your trip enjoyable and eliminate having to find areas to hunt.

There are some small clubs that cost 30.00 to 50.00 a year and most hold a few claims in their clubs immediate area for members to use or there are some large clubs like the Roadrunner Prospecting Club with over 200 claims in Arizona for around 280.00 to join, but would give you many places to hunt.

Oh and welcome to the forum!

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is the visit strictly for hunting gold? If it is you may want to consider a pay-to-mine tour to Alaska or Australia...the potential for finding some nice nuggets is (in my opinion) higher on a tour.

However, if Arizona is your choice I and many others will be happy to assist with your visit...

In Alaska Moore Creek or Ganes Creek are two that still have this service...

In Australia , Gold Prospecting Australia ran by Mark Hyde...there are others but I don't know their names...

good luck


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