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Mercury flasks, full

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I did a little editing to get your photo to show up.

I found this site that shows prices for a "flask" of mercury (76 lbs.), I not sure if the flasks shown in your photo are the same size are not, you would have to be a subscriber to get "current" prices, the prices shown for a non-subscriber are from 2007.


Another site that has spot price, but it doesn't have a date to know it it's current prices.


You maybe able to sell it to this company.


With the apparent condition of the flasks I would recommend storing the flasks in a big seal-able container filled with water until he can find out what he's going to do with them.


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I have found that it's very hard to find current mercury prices online, but I think I may have found one site that seems to have the info and it's around $2000 a flask/76 lbs., if I'm reading the chart correctly.


So I would think it is worth pursuing trying to find a buyer, here is another site that is the only other site I found that has prices, but the prices are from 12-2010 and it was $1850 a flask then so I think the above site is the correct current price.



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HJ any possibility of getting a permit to "clean" that river....looks like the price of mercury is as good or better

than gold....

I've not had to buy mercury down here in 12 years....I get enough from the river for my needs....

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When I was a member of the Haz/mat board in the 80's they would not let anyone do nothing but now??? At todays prices that mercury is indeed economically viable to reclaim but permits/process/procedure to pacify environutz is the problem. I'm still using mercury from the river almost 30 years later--wow where does the time go anyhoooo?? John

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Hi, I got a 76 lb flask I purchased from a montana gold miner about 10 yrs. ago, I am looking to sell for 1,300 obo, its in a nice clean metal container with yellow top, when I got it the miner said it had been cleaned hmmm I wonder if it was cleaned of all the gold, anybody know of a simple safe way to check? Thanks, Jimmy (aka survivorjp), North Carolina.

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