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My new discoveries in this weekend

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3.Whale bones (age 26-29 mil years).I know the age cuz I have a large collection of this kind(http://rocimineralef...tie-fosile.html)



4.unidentified vertebra (maybe you can help me to identify this).The age is the same with whale bones cuz I find it in the same place



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You are in a great area for sure. That jade looks like top dollar for sure, probable worth a small fortune! I think what you are calling amethyst in granite might actually be ruby, looks like other pictures I have seen

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I have new pictures with one of my rock. I read about garnets and I saw that garnet has no cleavage. I did some photos more closely and noticed some pretty good plans outlined cleavage, so I think is`nt rhodolite. I find the rock in a place with thermal water. I suppose the crystal was subjected to a thermal or pressure shock. This rock may be a pegmatite? And what its the red crystal?? Thank you and Happy Holidays.




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That jade is gorgeous, and I for one and very jealous! Keep the pictures like that one comin!


EDIT : I see that a particular type of Chinese jade is INSANELY expensive now. Just looking at this link I've provided, if your jade is even close to the quality they are speaking of you could quite possibly have a large chunk of cash in your hand!


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I have lotza jade specimens from dredging. My best is a Chinese Royal Blue as the most expensive on the planet. My bud George Stokes traded a big boulder of jade(his doorstop at the shop) for a 75' -3 masted sailing schooner in the 80's and man alive what a party ship that was-John

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