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Aqua Regia Question


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First sorry if this is the wrong section for this question; I am a n(o)(o)b here after all!

Anyway I have ran a bunch of sands through my "Gold Lab" and recovered all the flakes & fines I could but I have a bunch of small quartz, rocks and stones with gold showing in them that I would like to recover.

Does anyone know if it would be worth the effort to give these materials a Royal Water bath to recover the gold content with out experiencing a lot of contamination if it can be recovered at all.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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If you wanted maximum recovery, those rocks and stones would have to be ground down into a small particles. But I wouldn't even mess with aqua regia. I've worked with it in a lab setting and even then, It's some really nasty stuff. If you are able to grind it down, I would just run it through your gold lab and forget about aqua regia, :twocents:


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