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Gold, Silver, and Meteorites at Gold Basin Today


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Got to get out to Gold Basin today, great weather, found the following:

7 gram gold nugget

7.6 gram gold nugget

.4 gram gold nugget

2 silver liberty dimes

3 wheat pennys

30 gram meteorite

36 gram meteorite



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Aloha Dave,

Man you are sure kicking some serious butt out at Gold Basin. Making me very anxious to get out there at the end of the month. Looks like you were hunting around an area a club had its coin hunt in the past. I also have found quite a few pennies and nickels around some of the gssn claims.

Keep up the good work.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Thanks everyone...

Stan we missed you at Franconia today. I did not make it to the outing at gold basin, but ended up going to the outing at Franconia instead. Would be interested in seeing what everyone got at the Gold Basin outing, hope more post some pics.

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Nice collection Dave. Like someone above said, variety is the spice of life!!


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Hey Dave , are ya gonna make the outing, I plan on being there and would sure like to talk to you about hunting with an MXT.

Great finds by the way , hope to make a few myself.

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Hi Azdigger,

Yes I plan on making Bills outing :D when I first started hunting Gold Basin, I was using a MXT, that machine is an awesome meteorite hunting machine. I am pretty familiar with the MXT, GMT, and 5000, and will help any way I can. Look forward to meeting new faces at the outing.


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