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Changing profile pict

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I would like to change my profile picture but cannot, for the life of me, find where to do this. I obviously did it once to set the dang thing, but I've been through every settings page, my Profile, everything, and don't see the 'edit profile picture' stuff anywhere. I feel like I'm going crazy!

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Mike when you go to you profile page

Click on your name

Upper top left hand side your image

Put your curser over it and will will say change

Click on change use custom photo

find the one you use.....using browse and reload it

Then hit done :spinnin:

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I'm using Firefox 7. I tried it with an IE rendering add-on and still no luck. Like I posted at first, I set my pict at one time (and have always used Firefox), and now that I can't see the options to change it again I'm going nuts, ha ha! Thanks for the help.

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Mike, I changed it for you.

I will see if I can find out what the issue might be with you not being able to see the option with Foxfire 7.

See if you can find in your Foxfire options a compatibly mode setting that might be causing the issue.

I don't have Foxfire on my computer, but I will download it tomorrow and see if I can simulate the issue on my end.


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I currently have no profile picture. I went to the profile page, clicked over image, nothing popped up, occured or otherwise made sense....

No options... Attempting to create a mugshot... Help Por Favor...


Send me a picture or post it in your post and I will add it as your avatar.

It maybe the browser you're using that could be causing the issue you're having.

What browser are you using, IE8?

If so try checking your "Compatibility Mode", you can change the settings by clicking on "tools" and then clicking on "Compatibility View", you don't want to use this forum with the Compatibility View enabled using IE8, when the Compatibility View is turn off/disabled you should have beside the text "Compatibility View" what looks like a broken/torn sheet of paper, this may solve your issues.


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The "Compatibility View" was and is disabled. I remain in situ in limbo.....

Any ideerz??? :hmmmmm:


I loaded a photo as your avatar to see if I would have any problems doing so, no problems

Now that you have a avatar, try to see if you can change it for your own photo, if you can't, I can put your photo in for you or we'll try something else.


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