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Now that winter is on the way I find a great cooling vest

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In typical fashion just in time for cooler temps I have come across what I think

is a great find for hot weather detecting.




I bought the vest and have tested it at least as far as how it works (and it does), however it was in the high 50's today

so I didn't wear it....but I can see it will work.

Basically you soak it in water for 2-3 minutes, wring it out lightly and wear it.

It works on evaporative cooling and can last 4 or 5 hours - then you just soak it again.

Anyway, for those of you who might be interested in something that will give

you some help in the sweltering temps that we are sometimes tempted to hunt in,

here is one possibility.

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I do declare Flak....you city boys sure take the cake....come down here and five minutes out of the PU

ALL of your clothes are soaked with sweat and then you get the same affect all day!!!

El D. and snowflake liked that idea real well....

PS: I kinda took a liken to that Ranger Hat....

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Hi Garimpo,

I agree with you, I have a lightweight nylon shirt that does exactly what you describe

and the cooling effect is great...this item is like a super version of that. I was really

amazed at how long the water lasted. Of course it weighs a tiny bit more after soaking in water

but in 90 - 100 degree weather it's worth it.

All the best,

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At least the price is right for such an item....I've always heard that protecting the head is even more important

than the body...the Ranger Hat looked good....

I have a Vietnam era two qt. canteen that has the thick lined cover for the same purpose....works great....

Which airport do you want me to pick you up at? GYN or BSB?

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That's a good Idea Flak, I wonder if you could soak it...wring it out then put it in your cooler full of ice, then pull it out right before firing up the detector, if that would extend the cooling ability.

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Bucket it would probably speed up phenomena.....

Have you ever stepped on your power cord while digging...or worse yet on your detector or how about

the dirt that gets thrown on your detector.....

I solved that problem this way...post-300-0-83734900-1318012705_thumb.jpg

I got the "monster hook" at Home Depot and it sure saves the detectorpost-300-0-56635200-1318012728_thumb.jpg

wear it in the back position when beepingpost-300-0-35527600-1318012784_thumb.jpg

and when needed just flip it out for uspost-300-0-35445900-1318012747_thumb.jpg I

never had any problems with picking it up with the detector until I went to a 18" or larger


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Hey Gar have I ever told you that you got a great set of gams?? :WOW: I have used...and currently still do have a monster hook on my tool belt to hold my chordless impact wrench, luv it!! but its one of those things where you don't think about incorporating it to anything else, that's exactly what I need especially for my beach detecting!! :hmmmmm: Never thought of that.

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Don, since I just got home from work, let me be the latest to say, you look marvelous in those pink flops and you do have a nice set of legs as well!! :brows: :brows:

But I must also say that ya'll must have some really weird snakes down there if they will only bite you on the right leg!! :hmmmmm:


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Well Flak, I guess theres no need for a cooling vest anymore, I just got back from walmart today and I gotta tell ya...these pink flip flops are the way to go!!! Don knows all the secrets!!! :wubu:

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Where's a moderator with the nuke button when you need one. :hide: Actually you guys are pretty funny with the witty comments....

Skip I haven't thought about it before but the three times I've been struck by a snake it was on the right leg....

Flak now you know why J. and B. are the big dogs on the top of the porch...can't think of any other reason.. :fl:

H.J. and Bucket just wait until you see the latest glowing aka flaming orange Crocs....

Kinda feel bad none of you notice my over one shoulder camo muscle shirt.... :aw-shucks::yikes:

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(rummaging around the closet)

now where in the heck did I PUT those pink flip-flops....

Steve I think Snowflake swiped your pink flip-flops to go with his itsy bitsy shorts....

Guess you guys realize your causing me a lot of work when I have translate all these comments into

Portuguese for you know who....

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Changing the subject a little....something for a wondering mind...

Somewhere around a month ago I asked Jonathan Porter of Aussie fame a question about the GP3500...

The question was: if a LCD were hooked to the GP3500 what would the gain setting be since it's a fixed


JP's reply yesterday was it would be "8"....

So just think if your in neutral or mild ground how much more gain aka sensitivity you can crank in with

a GPX machine....

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