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A good weekend past....


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Managed to get out for a couple days last weekend with some people. I drywashed & beeped most all of the time. 106 Buckets processed on the 140, and more than a dozen pieces beeped with the Gold Bug II :head:


Just under 6 grams....The detected pieces are on the upper right side...


Heres a snake that just got done eating some critter...


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That looks like a good weekend to me, too!

Nice gold pics!!

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That's some nice looking gold Adam, very coarse I like it, congratulations!! :thumbsupanim

Nice picture of the snake.

Beautiful gold Adam....what kind of snake was that....he had a little rat or mouse for breakfast....

Good hearing from you hammer....where you been?


It's a Western Black-Necked Garter Snake.



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I showed those guys that spot to keep them busy while I cleaned out an area a quarter mile away...... Hey Boulder jumper Mrs.dash seasonings , maybe someday I will run into you out in the sticks ,and I will sing you a lullaby......Until then , I will be chasing the water bottle bandit........ :brows:

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Adam its a very big place good luck in finding me. If you can find me i will have my very good friend kieth stone with me. Also most of my clothing is so stained brown to tan from all the grime i blend into the foliage rather well. I may run into the water bootle bandit first due to my my blending skills and i will have him pick up all his bottles and you may never find him. Keep this quiet but watch out for small cowboy boots size 6 mens that dude stole my wheelbarrow. So keep your ice chest locked tight.

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