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Hey Guys check this out...


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A previous post regarding the serpentine nodule made me dig out this specimen I had.

I have a spot in an old sea floor located in the Anza Borrego Desert that produces many of these Nodules. These are so cool and fun to dig , as there is usually one per every 2 square feet.

Here is the really hard mud shell (if you will). This is what you dig for in this spot. They are usually an oval shape and hollow with nodule inside. This shell is cracked open, normally they are complete.


Inside you will find a loose harder nodule that is also hollow inside with a druzy coating of some kind of crystal inside. This one has been cracked open too.


A closer look... Some I have are a yellowish amber colored crystal inside. Sure hope no one has found the spot, but I think you cant collect out there anymore anyway...


Pretty neat huh! ..... So much fun to dig out of the ground.

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You bet Adam. Some cool stuff there. Mother nature is always coming up with something else to amaze us.

But I have to ask, could those be "rock seeds" inside?


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