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I have a GP Extreme with 8 inch mono super gold search


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Is this a good coil to search for gold with? I have had this for a long time and never used it much, But would like to get back at it again. All I can find is trash so far. Are these things that hard to set up . To many settings very confusing. I need help and anything else to get me going again. I also have a 1100 11 inch coil that I have never used. Any Ideas for me? THANKS BILL

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Bill ... If you are finding trash especially small trash you are setting up right ... or at least close to optimum setting. As for the 8 inch coil ... I have been using an 8" Commander Mono on my GPX5000 more than any other coil lately. I find it very sensative and it has reasonable depth as well. If you are in a trashy area a small coil is the best choice to pick around the trash ... or better yet to clean all the small trash so you can go to a larger coil and hear the larger nuggets at depth that were hiding behind all that trash. In short if you find a trashy area in or very near a known gold producing area then stay there and clean it out. Finding trash just means others were unwilling to deal with the old timers trash and just moved on for easier pickings ... or so they think! You on the other hand will have the patience to clean out the trash and in so doing reap the gold hidden amongst the trash! Good luck! And don't forget to post your finds!

Mike F.

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Hey Bill,

GP Extreme, my settings.

Front cap,

Level Adjust 2 O clock

All metal




Back cap


Threshold, just till it starts to smooth out

Signal, around 2 O'clock

Tone, when it starts to sound loud

Volume, cranked all the way.

Odds are the 11 coil is a DD you can determine this by putting it in cancel and testing it on a target like a coin.

Good luck and like Mike says clean out all those targets you just can't tell what the trash is masking.

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Thanks to N V Chris and Mike furness for your input on my G P Extreme settings. I can find very small pieces of rust and etc. as well as what looks like worn out shoe tacks , plus all other , lead and various other small objects, so maybe I am doing close to doing it right. I just have to get more field time in it sounds like. So again Thanks for your input. Now I just need the weather to cool down a little bit and I will give it more time. Bill

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