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Possible meteorite or just ironore?

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Hi! My name is Jimmy and im from Sweden.

For about 8 years ago my dad found this meteorite looking rock at a mountain side close to a sea here in Sweden. Just a month ago we send a piece of this rock to Gothenburg University for analysis. What they could tell us was the substance of the piece but not if it was a meteorite or not. They thought it looked interesting but they are still unsure if its an meteorite or not.

Some of the major and most important substances of the rock (at least that little side piece we where sending them) are:

88% Iron

53 ppm Nickel

2.38% Aluminium

0.23% Natrium

and a lot of other tracers of elements like low ppm-halts of silver, gold and platina etc etc...

I have been reading, watching pictures and videos about meteorites and most of the facts consorts with the rock we got. One thing that made me a bit unsure is that out rock got some holes in it that wasnt a good sign for being meteorites. I've also been thinking if it could be some iron slag or volcano scrap but i have no freaking idea of how that rock could land up at that place were my dad found it. We got no volcanos here in Sweden and i really doubt that we got or had an old iron factory of any kind close to that area eather.

The bottom side of the rock is flat and melted so it could eather be iron slag or actyally that the rock just fell with that side on the mountain side and got flattened in that way. Could that be possible?

The rock also got these rounded edges and thumbprint looking things that some meteorites have.

Well, here's some pictures of the rock and i would be greatful if you could take a look at it and tell me what you think.






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Well Jimmy-It looks a lot like foundry slag to me.I've been to mountain tops with no iron works within 50 miles and have found slag.It is not unusual to come across items that just could not be there.Keep up your study's about meteorites and keep looking.Don't be afraid to ask or answer.Good Luck.

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