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There I go thinking outside the box again


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Like all prospectors I always wonder whats in the rocks I see when I'm out. And also like a lot of

others I pound them into powder with a morter and pestal to reach that end. Or at least I use to

untill around 8 or 10 years ago when I wised up and bought myself one of them gas powered

portable, wonders call a Model RC1 Rock Crusher. Only thing is at 80 lb.s it's really not all that

portable. So it started getting left at home and the rocks that caught my eye was hauled to it

instead of the other way around with the expected results. First it was I'll run them through the

crusher later when I have more time, then it was " I wonder where I picked this one up at " ( by

then the note with the location on it was long gone). Sound familiar????

Now using a Jeep for prospecting is I think " above and beyond " everything else and only a

nuebe would even think of using a pickup where you had at least a little room to haul your gear

and not leave a important tool like a rock crusher at home so you could take a tent and stove

and 10gal.s of bland tasting water instead.

Remember that BOX I was talking about at the start ?

Behold !

It's bolted on so I can remove it when not in use, still have two braces to put on underneath

and three more bolt holes to drill but thats not a big deal. Won't be leaving it at home now

except when I want to. I will make a cover for it ( maybe a cover for a Webber Bar-B Que

pit would fit ).





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Thats incredible XT, and certainly well outside the box !! Looks like a great fabrication, let us know how it works out for you, cause I most certainly cant remember where my rocks came from...80lbs on the front end...might need some beefier leafs or sway bar unless your rolling a four link, let me know how she handles.

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That's a great idea XT. Like Bucket said, be sure and let us know how it works out.


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yea, he has a forum called the virgin vein, he's out of Bullhead AZ, the crusher looks cool, very reasonably priced too!! I just made a crusher last year out of pipe but if I find it to be a useful tool maybe I'll score a Crazy Crusher.

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