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Gold is a memory that keeps on giving


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I found some assay quecables near an old mine, the metal detector picked up on them so after giving them a look see, NO GOLD . I gathered them up & brought them home, They set in the window of my shop for years. I was an old old man just barely able to walk the 50' to the dam mail box when, I gave them a desperate look with a loop, Holy crap, Gold, The remembrance of the first natural gold I ever found in the Arkansas River panning came roaring back like an avalanche & I relived that adventure of a better time & place, like it was yesterday, It is, a great time, for I am still here & still finding gold.

I too, will something find, And glory in the finding.

Believe me Guys, there is a nugget there, bigger than any thing I got out of the ARK. river


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Hi Chuck Good story and finely written! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy hearing about your adventures. Herb

Herb, I love siting around a camp fire swapping stories, but I find it hard sometimes to tell my story for every one is thinking

of the story they are going to tell, but here, I can put it out there & be done with it. & hope someone besides me gets

something they like out of it,


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