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Pretty cool!!

Keys like that were after market keys, Chevrolet never made keys is that form, but there're many after market types out there that I've seen over the years, the keyway style would date the key.

I can say that with some accuracy because my father retired from Chevrolet after working there for 34 years and my family knows a lot about everything Chevrolet from him, he retired in 1978.


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So. What yer sayin is some yrs. back, the nieghbors herd the old man hollerin cause the teenage boy lost the only spare trunk key to the old Impala? :hmmmmm:

Well every site has a story, you might be right :D I have a guy from P3entertainment.com that wants me to tell a story that goes with the finds of every site and he will do a story about me and maybe a show. I was like why me? I have very few videos and im really not good at them at all... He said hes looking for the younger people on youtube and what im doing right now happens to be a popular thing.. gold prospecting/treasure hunting... Not sure if i have the nerve to deal with all that my hobby might turn into a job.

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