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Can you find Mets and Bounds from a GPS coordinate on Google Earth?


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It seem the BLM has just about shut down all the cool tools we had.

Is there a way to find the Mets and Bounds on Google Earth or even any other source then Google Earth.

I found one out fit that will do it for serious money.

I have the GPS Coordinates!

I'm sorta lazy and get befuddled with the Mets and Bounds system on a Topo!

Any short cuts out there?

That Town Ship, This Quater of that Quater Of this Section, Kicks my butt.

I can do it on a good map but it takes so long and sorta hurts the brain by time you think you have it right!

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I use "All Topo 7" from http://www.alltopo.com/.

You can visit the website and view the "DVD MANUAL" and see everything the program will do.

If you plan on purchasing it, BE SURE to get the "add-on" PLS TOOL !

There are hundreds of maps to include "Historical" ones which I have found go back to the late 1800 and early 1900's for Arizona. (Map packages are by State) It also includes all the BLM Land Surface Management maps.

You might consider it a bit pricey as well, but if you are a map and research guy, you will spend hours with this program just playing.

There is also the "Gold Atlas" for Google Earth from Miner Diggins, the FootPrints folks. It's free, and will show T, R, and S, among many other things.....

Hope this helps,


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I may be wrong but I belive I read someplace a little while back that Mets & Bounds are only

in use ( for the most part ) in the survey of property ( as in lots or acre's ) . As far as mining

claims ( placer only ) it's not in much use; but has some use as far as load claim's go. It has

it's most use in area's that are still not in the PLSS ( Range , Sec , Tier ) and by the county

tax office's and other State, Local, agency's.

Get in the 20th century and use R,S & T combined with the UTM grid and your GPS and you

should be able to find or lay out any claim you would want. If you are going to sell to a large

company then they would most likely have it done, or if you are in dispute with someone

about the lines of a claim them you might end up useing it but other than that the PLSS

should serve you well as it has everyone else. This is just my opinion on the matter not law

or legal advice. What if I may ask, is your problem with R S T and LR2000? Between them

and the local tax office you should be able to find out anything you would need to know.

The reason I say that is that depending on who did the survey useing Mets & Bounds,

there can be a LOT of local shorthand in the way it is recorded in the tax books, and the

farther back in time it was surveyed and recorded the more " local shorthand " will be found

so Mets & Bounds are not a do all to end all unless it's up to date.

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