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Happy Birthday Gilaoro


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Hey everyone, I appreciate them all !

I just got up on the forum after spending most of last week in Banner/Good Sam getting the old ticker adjusted, I am at home and better now but still got to get some stuff done.

If people could see those machines and know the pain and indignity's they are going to subject them too they would never smoke that first cigarette or eat that super-sized cheeseburger! Best comparison I can think off is a destroyer's engine room! they install a 32" throttle cable in your groin and stick a 4' x 3/4" PVC pipe down your throat, ( yes it fits), no fun for sure! All of this comes as we are trying to close on a place in Congress and move!

But any day you can wake up and see daylight through your eyelids is a good one compared to the alternative

Thanks all!


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I know what your going through as many buds have been there and done that. I've always eaten healthy and quit them cigs over 12 years ago. Heal and then ROB-RAPE-AND PILLAGE some more Max--by the by happy belated bday--missed this thread yesterday-kudos bud-John

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Thanks to all you guys! and Montana please come by, all the cars are parked in back of the stone house, if they are there I am

too. I am sleeping more than I have in years but wake me up so I don't pee in bed! Hoser John, we have been around a while

haven't we? I am not older than dirt yet though, if I was I would know where the gold is !


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