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Ealse, I met Ealse in my search for a windshield wiper motor, There was an Abo camp that had some old junk cars, that I was hopeing had a motor that would fit my hoopey, John & Tinia took me there & intereduceed me to Ealse for thay were old friends, we shook hands & Ealse dident release my hand moved closer & said, We will go hunt some gold, When I herd the word gold she had my full attition, l told John about Ealses invite to go find some gold, He told me I had better use caution for I would haft to feed her & give her half the gold & she mite wind up with your half also.

But, she does knows where the gold is. We became partners right there.

I picked up my pard up the next day which was a tuesday,she put me on a track off of Nambi Rd.

heading east for a while, after that I had no way in hell of knowing where we were at or where we were going & where the gold was at. My pard would say, Just over there, Just over there & point off in the distence, After 3 days of Just over there & three pounds of smoked sausages & pork & beans, I was convinced that she was just like me, I know where the gold was but sure as hell dident know where it is. We were growing disinchanted with the partner ship, She did not put me over any gold but she all ways new where the party was, She had some canves thing that was water proofed & looked like it would be comfortable. I think she called it a shag, but she hardly used it ,for I would find her curled up near camp when she had a snoot full, which was every night.

We went our sepret ways,as friends & not pards, When I went in to Leonora lots of times I would here her scream loud enough to wake the dead, Chucky, Chucky

RIP, Easle, She died of Cancer, but if there is a party & there is a Joie in the hole cooking, she will be there. chuck

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Thanks for the story Chuck. Life sucks when it takes friends away to the other side. I'm happy for the adventures you guys had together!



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Dumb dumb, I have just realized that Else really snickered me, I thought that I was transporting her

all over the outback in the search to find gold, not for her to visit her tribe.

She had cancer & was saying good by to her old friends,And I was her taxi. We would make camp,

& I would ask, where is the gold? Just over there, Just over there, & she would disappear & I mite not

see her till the next day, nursing a hangover, & not showing an ounce of gilt or gold.

That is one on me Else (:->) Chuck

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