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This was my home & all the luxury's I needed to enjoy 6 mo. in W Australia, $900 US. bought in

Perth, I would climb in that little buggy & sleep like an old hound dog for 12 to 14 hours, I still go

out & sleep in my old pickup when I cant sleep at night at home.

I was really mobil for I could break camp in 3 Minuit's & hopeful be on my way to greener patches.

The only thing that was unnecessary was that toilet seat that I thought was a great thing at the time,

At my age I didn't squat very good & though it would be a great addition to my home away from home. The mood would hit me in the morning & by the time I gathered up all the crap ( seat, plastic bag, pick, paper ) there was all ways something I forgot.

It rained the first week I was there ( N. of Leonora ) & when it rains you stay put. I was not

accustom to my cooking & the mood to dump was more frequent than usually so I had to bury more of those plastic bags than usual, I noticed there were more Emu's paying me a visit than usual & when I got to my dump station I saw why, They had dug up all my bags up & waiting for the new addition.

After cleaning up my mess I broke camp for Eucalyptus & 9 emu's escorting me to Leonora where I toped off my tank before I lost them & was on my way.

PS, There was an Aborigine camp on the way to Leonora where I had a friend ( Elsey ) that was as old as me ( 73 ) & would appreciate that toilet seat. I often wondered what ever happened to that thing. Hanging in some bush in the out back?



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Looks pretty comfortable to me. I slept in the back of my Chevy Blazer many nights and could get some good sleep there.

I think EMU's are allergic to me. Never saw any in California except the zoo. :lol:

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Ever tried a Groover

That is a 50 Cal. ammo can with trash liner inside, every time you sat down the wall of ammo can made grooves on each cheek.

when done just snap the lid on and carry on.

On all those rafting trips they use alot of different devices as all that CRAP has to be hauled out.

Ever want to read a good, funny book, find this one, I have the 1st and 2nd edition and I see they have a 3rd out now.

Allen in MT


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Harry, wish I had a crapper as nice as your's, but alas, I have my little one and it works just fine. Crapping in a plastic bag? Oh come on folks! It's a natural function! adding plastic? not a good thing- no plastic! but a nickle doesn't hurt in the hole then cover.


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I use a 5gal. bucket with a seat on it, works great. Put some water in it if you are near any creek or river, if not then plastic bag. How long were you out in the bush? Where's the GOLD?????? Sounds like you had a great time, wish I was there with you.

I made 2- 6 months trips over there, Had a great time. It is later than you think, DOIT

Jacks, any one? & a bit of gold.


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