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El Paso Mts. Hunt this weekend

Chris Coffee

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I am finally going to get out and so some swinging in the next few days and would love to have some company if anybody is available! I will be going out to the Randsburg/El Paso Mts. on Fri, Sat., and Sun. so if you would like to meet up sometime, send me a PM and I will reply with my phone number and we can work out arrangements. Hope to get at least a couple of replies.

I have access to the following claims in that area:

Burro I and Burro II (Valley Prospectors San Bernardino)

Red Chispa (PCSC)

Pilgrim (PCSC)

Clark (PCSC)


Close One (GPAA)

First Chance 1 (GPAA)

K-Able #6WPD (GPAA)

6 Feet Under (GPAA)

If anyone else here is a member of any of these clubs and have some advice, suggestions, or comments please feel free to post them. Thanks.

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Chris: PCSC is having an outing 9/30, 10/1 and 10/2. Potluck and principle campsite on the Pilgrim. Metal detecting and mining at the other two claims. See if you can make it then. I'll be there. Meanwhile I'm up to my eyeballs in work at the office, so this weekend is out.

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I sure wish I could go but I Going out to Arizona next week.

The first time I ever used a dry washer was in 1982 at claims called the Burro 1and Burro 11 just outside Randsburg Ca. I was a member or the

West-end Prospectors at that time and we had an outing there it was also the first time I went prospecting with a certain young Lady who I married two years latter. We got pretty good gold after an older gentleman named Charlie Brown ( no relation to the cartoon ) showed us a few tips. There was a guy there who was showing off his new gadget he called the swirl separator it looked like a cake pan but it got our gold out of the black sand .We also went up in the mountains and toured a tunnel to nowhere dug as a short cut through the mountains but the state built a new road a round the mountains. It was a great week and I got gold every time we went there nothing big but good stuff

I hope Ya'll have as much fun and luck as I did


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The hunt was the same as every other trip. A lot of swinging, a lot of beepin, NO GOLD!!! One of the other gentleman that was there found a nice piece with his GPX5000. I have been there just about every single day for the last 5 days swinging for HOURS every day, and I just cannot find anything. We show up on Saturday and Sourdough finds one within an hour. He deserves it, he is a really good guy.

I'm really, really close to just giving up this whole metal detecting thing. It can be fun but frustrating at the same time. Just like with anything else, if you do it enough with no positive results, it's just not interesting anymore. I will give it a bit longer, but if I can't get over any gold sometime soon I might just call it quits and go back to drywashing and sluicing only. We'll see.

As far as my schedule goes, Oct. 1-11, I will be in San Diego. Then the 14th - 17th I will be up in Bridgeport. After that I will be available so let's try to set something up for then.


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Chris i know your not new to this whole gold thing So exactly how do you feel? and does every one else on these forums who spend hundreds of hours studying endless maps and reads stacks of books and doing countless hours of research feel the same way?Dam stright they do,and for what? is it going out to see someone else find what they have been dreaming about ,and putting all there time and energy there heart and sole into?..You know it took me over two years to find my first gold,but i never looked back or put my self second to anybody.. you are the driving froce in this hunt you got to keep beleaving in your self and equipment.and telling your self i will find my dream my next trip out and if it dont happen keep at it it will come,it might be big or it might be small,but what ever the size its GOLD and you found it with yout detector .late oct is good for me we must keep intouch.TERRY

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Yeah T-bone

What you said.

Chris, there is no way gold is ever going to come easy...you know that.

So if you're not in it for the long, patient run, I would go back to whatever you were doing before.

Otherwise you are only going to get frustrated, jealous, disillusioned.

There are no short cuts to detecting.

No guarantees

No easy ways

No breaks

But usually, just when you're ready to throw in the towel (or the detector or whatever)

there's a faint little beep that maybe you'll miss if you're thinkin how unlucky you are.

But if you do hear it and then decide to act on it,


just maybe

you'll be on your first gold.

Then, the hook is in.

Good luck

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Chris, its disheartening when you expell the effort required to hunt gold or meteorites with a detector and come up empty-handed.

I would be one of the 1st people to say that.

I have spent many many days weekends and longer swinging. I have literally swung my arm off at times and had to rest it up.

If your going to pursue this hobby and try to put some nuggets in yer poke just go with it. You will come to a point when you will have picked up some tips or guidance from others by spending time with them and you will start to apply yourself in a different manner than when you first begin detecting.

Endeavor to persevere, that is the key element. All things will fall into place. And you will get your coil over a signal that turns out to be gold.

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I totally understand what each one of you are saying. Believe me, I don't really WANT to give up. Yes, it is disheartening when you don't find anything. I completely understand that gold does not come easy, and I would never expect it to, either. The worst thing for me is just the fact that the fuel costs (at $3.93 a gallon) are overwhelming to drive back and forth to the goldfields when you don't make anything back. The hook is already in from when I found my first and only nugget with my Gold Bug Pro back in March, I think it was.

I am not ready to quit just yet, but really close. I don't give up on things easily, which is why I am still swinging after 6 months of finding nothing, but everybody has there breaking point. I will avoid mine as long as possible because not only do I enjoy the hobby, but I really like the people I have met since I started, including everyone here on the boards.

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Remember.....99% of the guys do not post thier skunks, so all you see is people finding gold.

Ive posted all my skunks in another forum just to show that it happens. But, if you read them, I try to point out

all the good things that happened and the stuff I saw. Plus the memories im making with my dad.

I used to dredge a lot in the 80s and I cant tell you how many times I came home with frozen feet, cut hands, burned up 5 gallons of gas in the dredge, and a few flakes of gold. After about a year and a half

I dredged up a 3 oz. nugget and some pea sized nuggets .... that made it all worth it.

Now that im detecting.....im pretty much starting out the same. I find little pieces about every 5th time ou...t bird shot size...other then that...bullets,scrap metal, wire,boot tacks,horse shoes, cool rocks, and junk.

Try to focus on the fun of getting out and enjoying nature......the gold is extra fun!

I know how you feel, when we start out its all about finding the gold, then if it doesnt come soon we get discoraged... if this was that easy everyone would be doing it and gold would be at 10 bucks an oz.

It will come....like the other posts said. It takes time and perserverence.

Will I ever pay off what ive got into this yet?? Maybe...but most likely not.

But, im having a whale of a time getting back in the hills!

Does anyone ever pay off thier bass boat with the fish they catch? :)

Just get out and focus on enjoying the day.

Tom H.

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And let me add that you could always split the ticket and put in a few hrs of drywashing and a few hrs detecting...I just fire up my puffer and the peaceful chug-chug of your drywasher will put you into the Zen, you'll be in a much better mood to resume the hunt with your detector, hey the more tools you have at your disposal...the better!!!

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First I want to say thank you for the kind words. But what ever you do, don't give up. It's just a matter of time and you will start to get into some gold. I can't speak for everyone, but for me, those little pieces of gold are far and few between. Like most have said already, it's the time out in nature and the peace and quiet that is what makes the hobby great. The gold is just the icing on the cake. So in the mean time, just enjoy the time out. It's kind of like the old saying about fishing, A bad day fishing, is better than a good day at work. Take care and may the gold gods look down on you.


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I can feel your pain. Been there myself. But hanging in there with a positive attitude is a remedy. Too bad you missed the PCSC outing. Lucky Joe snagged a 2 grammer and several smaller ones at the Clark Claim with his 4500 and GB Pro. The next day he nailed a 2.5 dwt beauty at the Red Chispa with the 4500 and a smaller one with the GB Pro. I snagged a one grammer with my 5000. One of the new guys found his very first gold with a metal detector [at the Red Chispa]. He also dug around 100 birdshot. But sometimes that's the price one has to pay. It's mostly about focus, determination and attitude. Hang in there.

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