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El Dorado

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This is the guy and his flat pan that won the California Panning Championships here in Foresthill this year. He is from England and came all the way to be in this contest. His pan and method won by a a good margin. If you notice he does not even look as if he is any hurry at all! I have looked far and wide to find one of these pans and the only source I can find has them for $250. They are very popular in the Scandinavian and European contests


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I think he was cheating!! It appears that ...if you watch it in slow motion, he was pulling an illegal substance from his ear, thus giving him a nugget picking advantage. :hmmmmm: It is however, tough to justify 250.00 dollars worth of plastic, surely it could be made cheaper.

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Here the diamond divers use a antique contraception on the dredge that concentrates a big pile of black stones

and hopefully diamonds....they run the cons from the concentrator over large round screens and dump the

whole mess on the ground and pick out the diamonds...

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Okay, question time. How do these competitions work? Do they measure the amount of gold in the concentrate before you start and see how much you end up with at the end? Is that how it works? I've never been to see one of these in person.



BTW, yes $250.00 for a pan is a lot more then I'd be willing to spend!

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They give each competitor a bucket of gravels with all the same amount of gravels. The amount of gold is the same in each contest but no one knows how many pieces are in the bucket. Can be from 4 to 8. The are all very small pieces of gold maybe 4-6 grains each. You are judged on how fast you can pan it out and are heavily penalized for each piece you do not recover.

There are many classes, open, novice, kids, team events........ The contest is put on each year at the Foresthill Heritage celebration and is sponsored by the Motherlode Gold Hounds

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Just got time to watch these. The guy from the U.K. Malcomb, probably got the idea for the pan from a trip to Italy. It looks like an antipasto tray or type of pizza pan.

The guy that invented the pan in the video is from Hungry, or somewhere close to there, I can't really remember the country, but he is a member of the Alaska Gold Forums and posted pictures of this pan 3 to 4 years ago and other similar pans, he has invented several different styles of flat pans, this one which if I remember correctly is called the Ferrari Pan, another of his pans he dubbed the "Fish Scale" pan, when looking at the Fish Scale pan it looks just like fish scales and works very similar to the Ferrari in the fact that you work the material in a circular motion, the design of these pans are stepped up from the center and catches the heavies and makes them migrate back to the center of the pan when worked in a counterclockwise circular motion, the lighter material rides up and over the step ups by the water action.

I see if I can search the Alaska Gold Forums' archives for some pictures of these pans, but the search function there does work well at times for older posts, so I don't know how lucky I will be finding the pictures.


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4 to 6 grain size pieces? Those seem hard to lose out of a pan. i was thinking they got less than 1 grainers to pan. maybe I should of did that competition, hehe. I actually suck at panning these days though.

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Back in '94 my pardner and I went to the Copper Canyon area of mainland Mexico

to get some samples of some old Spanish mines, we where in the far SW near the state of Culican.

We hired some of the local "Gambinsino's" (Prospectors) to show us where and how they worked,

I had brought some plastic pans, the Indians would not use them, they preferred their Batea and turkey quill for storing the gold!

They could do almost a 5 gallon bucket full at one time, the picture I have was staged just to show the Batea, there was no water in the jungle and every thing was packed on burro's to the village where it was panned out with water from "Cenote's" wells in the lime stone bedrock very deep. they could pan it out and have it pushed into a turkey quill faster that we could use a sucker bottle!

They where very proficient with it but the little kids did most of the clean up back in camp.


Anyone ever work a batea? Looks sorta like an inverted Chinese Coolie Cap.

I have heard they are very efficient.. Like to hear about your experience.



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