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Sorry I didn't get in sooner and thanks Skip, yes it is a mod tool you can see below your user name, it is to let you know when you have received warnings from the mods and can't be seen by other members when used.

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The warn status is sorta a graph, you haven't been warned unless you see a colored line starting to fill in the skinny blue rectangle beneath the words "Warn Status", the more the rectangle is filled in indicates that you have received numerous warnings, up to a point it is completely filled in, then all hell breaks loose. :old::nono::yikes::WOW::ROFL: :ROFL:

Which is why the Warn Status is seldom used, we hate it when all hell breaks loose. :tisk-tisk:


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Guys ... It appears the warn status bar only appears for your eyes only ... I had the warn bar on my post too ... no warning as yet ... give me time! :) I think what Bill is trying to accomplish is to let you and you only know when you may be crossing the line by more than your big toe. Personally I would rather see the bar and know I need to cool it than have some nasty gram from a moderator to whom I may feel I have to respond and possibly get myself in deeper trouble. My :twocents: worth!

Bill I like the warn bar!

Mike F

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Now Bill; you know many of us are getting dottery...and are easily confused...

still, I say if it is a public error then a public reprimand is in order...

'cause, some like it easy and I like it HARD!!!

Now that right there should get ya a mark!

You like it HARD??????? LOL

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