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Nome pics from the mine

Sonoran Dave

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Howdy fella's ... been awhile since i've shown my face here :brows:

Here is a few pics to show what i've been up to.


me standing in the wheelhouse of an old bucket dredge... just downriver from us


some of our best color came from this rocky area


doing some testing with the Gold Sniffer :hmmmmm: She was not that accurate...


my clutterd little cabin on the tundra, at least its warm and dry!

Driving down to America, should be in AZ in a week or so. I am soooo ready to thaw out and DRY out.

Got lots more pics if you want to see 'em.

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Hi Dave....glad to hear you haven't turned into a icecicle....the only pic that turned out was the one of your

cabin....where do you get electricity from? A generator?

Yes more pics love pics of the wild and gold hunting....hurry to AZ for the Oct. gettogether....

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Thanks guys! I'll put more up tonight when we stop.

Sorry you could not see most of them Gar... anybody else have any problem viewing them?

The claims are on American Creek, In the middle of BFE. We did not see another human for over a month! Then we ran out supplies and had to come in to Nome to restock.... felt like a cave man showing up in new york :lol: Did not make a fortune of course... but would not trade the experience for anything. Look foward to going back next summer.

Thanks for the well wishes on our drive. The old truck is pulling a heavy trailer, but we're taking it slow and easy :D

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Here ya go :miner:


Dont find this stuff around much anymore!


It still works...dont build stuff like they used to.


Starting a new test hole

I'll keep putting these pics up as I'm able. Kinda hard right now...traveling and all.

Hi fellow Dave, nice to hear from you again! How did Ganes creek go this year?

We just agreed to rent a place in Florissant, Co until we decide where we want to be. I was looking real hard in the Prescott area, but was having a hard time finding work( I'm a diesel mechanic by trade) Colorado Springs seems to have more suitable work available. I'll be close enough to drive to AZ(or anywhere else) when the urge strikes... unlike living in Alaska! All paperwork we had to get in order before leaving was absurd...you'd swear we were trying to get out of prison...frickin ridiculous.

Will do on the PM though! I want to stop and unload my trailer at our new place before heading down for a week or so. So if any of you guys see a black Dodge with a black 30' enclosed race trailer with Alaska plates... stop and say hi. We dont bite :D

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We used these devices to pump out the mud/sand of the jack legs to below the sea bottom 30' below sea floor prior to blowing with C4. Working depth was 110 feet. I want to bring one up to Nome and see how much color is down around the 60 - 80 foot mark. It should be virgin unless the bucket line dredges worked that deep.


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i think it would hard for a bucket dredge to work that deep. The digging arms are too short, but to make them longer requires that much more massive support structure...and mass, to keep the bucket chain down. If the dredge is too light the buckets will just push the whole dredge up. They didn't work the ocean anyway...that i'm aware of. They were used on the creeks and the old beach lines.


grainy iphone pic of an awesome sunset


nothing for miles... and miles


This pic shows what i mean about the digging arm. It might be able to reach 15 - 20 ' depths. This is not an overly large dredge, but its still a behemoth!

I've sold the gold so there is not any pics available. I did save a few pieces i'll put a pic up when we unload the trailer(and can get to the camera)

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Been reading this thread and enjoying the photos. Waiting patiently for some photos of the gold that you kept:) Thought I'd chime in on the Marysville dredge. Here's a recent article for the Hammonton Goldfields outside Marysville. There's a photo of dredge 17 and it says that it's still running. http://www.appeal-democrat.com/articles/gold-107709-hammonton-dredger.html We used to be able to hear the dredges from my house in Loma Rica about 10-15 miles away. There were some real monsters out there and the sounds of the buckets scraping along was something you'd never forget. I've got an old book with photos of most of the dredges along with information on their depth capabilities and production. I'll try and make scans to post if anyone's interested. Have a safe trip home Dave.

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