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Question about White's Metal Detectors

Bama 1i

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Bama ... Chris Ralph ... the author of the link posted above is a personal friend of mine, a geologist by trade and a great guy ... He just happens to be willing to tell all about any and all phases of prospecting as he has done them all at one point. As another poster has already noted ... if you don't have Chris's book "Fists Full of Gold" you should. It is in it's second printing now and has rave reviews by most who have read it.

As for the MXT ... great multi-purpose detector for the price. Like anything there is a learning curve to it ... In otherwords don't expect it to work miracles. But it does have its place in the hands of an experienced operator. Allen in MT is correct in saying to be sure you get the 4x6 coil ... it is a killer crevicing tool for all the small gold found in shallow bedrock.

Oh ... and BTW ... The link says Chris Ralph is not yet retired ... as of July he is ... He has officially joined the ranks of the rest of us old choggers on this forum. He is prospecting in Australia right now so don't be too surprised if he doesn't get right to you should you decide to email him with questions.

Mike F

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Bama, properly tuned, with the stock 950 coil or the eclipse10x6, the MXT will find flakes a mall as 1/2 grain. Using the smaller 6x4 coil, figure 1/4 grain. Depth on small nuggets will not be as good as the GMT. For instance, in Mojave Desert soil, the GMT will find a 1.5 grainer at 2.5", whereas the MXT will find it to 1.5". Comprisons tend to equate when nuggets are 5 grains or larger. In really hot ground the MXT works a little bit better than the GMT. Whereabouts in AL are you located? The wife and I will be in Dothan early/mid Oct. BTW, on the 2nd weekend in Oct., in Fletcher NC (near Asheville) the GPAA will be having a gold show. If you have never been to one, it will certainly give you gold fever. HH Jim

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