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frank c

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Got out for 3 days mon-tue-wed. Wouldn't you know it we were in between rain, wind and thunder :WOW: lightning all the time .

Managed to coax these 2 out of there hiding places in between the rains.

That ol minelab was singing some songs during the storms :nutty: but I caught the signals in between the interferences.


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Wow Frank you really killed it this week ! just a little bit more and that candy apple green camero is all yours...sorry I mean your wifes. :shhhhh:

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T-BONE , nailed 1 with the 16 SLM at 13 inches and theother with a Coiltek 11 mono at 6".

Frank, don't know about the rains but I'll take all we can get !!!

Bucket, I see the ol lady in that Candy green convertable in my sleep :zzzzz: , but then I see the beer can at the bottom of the hole right after :barnie:

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Frank it's good to hear you and Nellybell had a good time playing in the dirt....

All that noise you heard in your headphones was LIGHTENING....and your detector is a "LIGHTENING ROD"...

I got hit once and believe me that's enough....just a few months after I got nailed a friend and his dad were fishing

on the river just a few miles from where I was and the dad was killed by lightening....

Beautiful nuggets for sure....

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Don, Nellybelle gave BIRTH !!!! :yikes: last week !!!

She foaled a little " Ol Yeller " ....................... :hmmmmm: :nutty: thats right my friend no B.S.

I couldn't figure out how she did it either, :idunno: she don't have a tailgate to drop :idea: .

I woke up one morning last week and this lil guy was sittin in her trailer :sickbyc:


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Aloha Frank,

Nice nuggets for sure. Now that Nellybelle has given you a new ride it looks like we are all in trouble. You can now get into spots I bet you were thinking about but didnt want to hike into. Looks like the choice of color is also great. Yellow for yellow gold?

Aloha and stay safe.

Stan aka Kaimi

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