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Accurate Locators: Hmmmmm?

Uncle Ron

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Yo All... I just watched a couple of you-tube videos in which Accurate Locators was touting some of their products, i.e., blanket coils, etc. ... Pardon my bluntness, but it seems that those AL blanket coils find only very large, very shallow and "very shiny" and VERY well polished nuggets ... I'm sure I could be wrong, but I seriously smell a skunk ... Cheers, Unc

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I went along on a short demo @RP a several months ago we didn't find any gold but dug some very deep targets using the 18" blanket coil.

The pinpointer works nice too it was able to identify the targets found by the blanket coil to bad they were all ferrous.

I'd like to see them make the blanket coils for the ML and TDI IMHO they are better front ends then what A.L. uses.

(rumor has it they are doing just that)

The pinpointer in action.

post-861-0-85699500-1316007697_thumb.jpg post-861-0-45421800-1316007707_thumb.jpg

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The Pi's they use (Accurate Locaters) is a different animal then Minelab really they are "old school" the target signal is a broad moan (when a blanket coil is used) rather than what us Minelab/TDI users are used too.

And yes treasure hunters are a totally different breed.

And no they don't handle mineral or salt like a Minelab?TDI, but where else can you get a PI/Magnetometer in 1 unit?

If I was searching for a deep, deep treasure/cash Accurate Locaters products would be my choice.

BTW A. L. is a top ML dealer also.

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Accurate Locators stuff is more on the order of GPR than metal detectors and it's very over priced. I rather doubt that he is making tons of money at it either.


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i respectfully disagree with your statement, A. L. sell a wide variety of products, They are a full line dealer. True GPR represents a small part of their product line.

Wayne must be doing something right, based on the add space he buys every month.

In fact the products A.L carries have saved lives and protect our military daily (The Army, Marines, Navy and the Army C of E all use A. L. products)

Your local gas utility, NW gas uses A.L products.

Over priced? What value do you put on human lives?

Most folks havent got a clue what true GPR is. Allot of snake oil salesmen are touting VLF's with a video screen as GPR. One company (rhymes with smelly hole) advertises a unit for $50,000 and it nothing more than an old Fisher board and a pocket PC. Call them and ask for a demo.

This is one area where diligent research and company reputation must be done.

One of the most popular GPR units used by Universities/Governments and shown on the Meteorite Men TV show sells for several hundred thousand dollars.

You can rent them (from several companies that specialize in GPR) by the hour/day/week, but you better have deep pockets.

At least Accurate Locaters stands behind there products and will demo any thing they sell.

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First lets put the what price question to rest. I spent twenty years of my protecting every living soul in this country, so the price I put on human life is quite high.

Yes I consider $3500 a bit much for a PI unit just as I consider the stuff from down under over priced. If these people would put realistic prices on their goods they wouldn't be able to keep up with demand. Don't even think that I'm against people making money but it boogles my mind how much more money could be made if things were priced within reason.

Just the wanderings of an old GI whose brain was radiated for twenty years, then attacked by it's own immune system for the last twenty.


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