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Had a good day yesterday

C Denny Run*

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Well, it had been about a month or so since I last went down to my spot, and I was getting the itch! When I got to the bottom of the trail, I saw something that looked awfully familiar..... In plain sight was my old snuffer bottle! Ha ha. Last time I went out, I lost it with a decent amount of work still in it. It looked like it had been stepped on a few times, but otherwise was in tact.


It was a scorching 90 degrees out, and no shade to be had, so I only stayed long enough to run the sluice four or five times, took home the worked material, and here's what I got. (Sorry for the bad picture)


It isn't a whole lot, but that's the kind of gold we get in this area. Small, flaky flood gold. It was just nice to get back out, and do one of the things I love most. Thought I'd share...

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Thanks Terry!

Denny with the bottle being stepped on....in plain site and it was still there with your gold...now that's luck...

are you Irish by any chance?

Ha ha, actually I am. Almost full!

I thought it was pretty amazing. I saw a few areas where people were doing some serious prospecting, so I'm very surprised they didn't see it. Luck is an understatement! I should have bought a lottery ticket! Ha ha

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Haha cool hope I find the one I lost at GB last outing.... Nice gold man!

Thanks Bill! It was great to get back out. Hopefully it'll cool off here soon, and I can spend more time on the river. My spot is a strip about a 1/4 mile long down the center of the river, and there is no way I can clean the whole area by the time the water get too high again. In other words......I have my work cut out for me! Ha ha

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