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3 weeks ago I was seriously cleaning up a small patch I had found on our claims in the 40 mi area, as I moved away from that particular spot I heard an interesting signal, I had discovered that all of the small rusty dozer track shavings gave a sort of warbling tone and the signal moves around a little.....This one was odd and I guess I was a little tired so I left it....Well I did think about it and at a little coffee get together at the local roadhouse I had mentioned this to one of the guys and said when I go back I'm going to dig that one up if I can find the spot again......The following Wed I got back to our claims and was hunting around the patch site again...Found a couple of small dinks then poked my coil under the little tree and heard that tone again and realized that it was the spot I was looking for... Dug my pick into the ground and pulled some rocks and soil up noticed an ugly rusty track shaving on my magnet..Wow I poked the coil back there again and the Wee Ooop almost blasted my headphones off of my head . Yikes I guess the two metals were almost on top of each other originally the rusty iron partially masking the tone that I like to hear.......The gold piece was probably almost 3 dwt...I had been digging up all of the shavings anyway as there is a lot of hard bedrock that had been exposed and that material really eats dozer tracks...... :D Geo

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sEEK AN YE SHALL FIND--i TOO DIG ALL SIGNALS AND SURE HAS PAID FOR ITSELF. a FELLA UP HERE IN rEDDING HAS A NEWER gb pRO AND HE FOUND A 14++ DWT NUGGET IN A WORKED OVER AREA THAT DIDN'T SOUND RIGHT EITHER-come on rm(TAU)-post a pic pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee--OOPS darn caps sorry but runn'n late a creek a calln'-John

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Just last week when I snagged that 3.3 gr it was also in an area that has been beeped to death...and then

re-pushed a couple of times every year....it took me three hours to work a small area that was littered with

dozer bits...the magnet was loaded with hot rocks and small steel shavings....some of the shavings were

in open holes left by the previous digger....but about half were never dug....to me that's encouraging....

when I find an area that has produced good nuggets for years and I get signals that have never been

dug that tells me a lot of somebody's are either lazy or their using their discriminators or both....like I

say: "if it beeps...dig it"....

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