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Yo All ... Dodacious and I were fixing to go up to Northern California, Trinity Lake, for a house boat week, but it turned out the guys arranging it had not good motives and so now we're not going... But She really loves trout fishing and we'd like to find a sort of higher mountain lake, with a nearby resort or motel in Central Arizona ... I can point someone toward lots of gold beeping in AZ, but I don't have a clue about good, higher mountain fishing areas ... Can anyone help me out on this? Thanks... Cheers, Unc

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I dont know how the fire has affected the place, but Alpine Lake, Big Lake, Crescent Lake, and Serpent Lake near Alpine/NM Border has always been a great trout spot. I have caught hundreds of nice tout right off the banks in all these lakes.

The weather is COOL now! 45-50 degrees for a low and in the 70's during the day. This hurricane weather has really made things nice. ABove 5000 feet it is already fall.

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Yo Unc:

My dad goes here a lot. Its not too far from Payson and he catches a lot of trout. PLUS...........there are areas around payson you can swing your metal detector! :)

Good luck sir.



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Hey Ron, Thanks a lot, now I have to drive back up to Trinity and dig up those couple of half ouncers I had planted for you. Took me all day to salt that area. LOL. We will get together sometime, good luck and catch lots of fish and dont take your detector with you, just your wife. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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