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Keene Engineering is a stand up company. And I just wanted to sing some praises for them and Patrick Keene in particular. - I made an order with them last week, and was told it would ship on Tuesday. I called this morning, and was told that it would now be FIVE days before it shipped. So I asked for Patrick, and told him my story. He took me at my word, and then he told me that he would personally take care of my order, and call me back. - Ten minutes later he called me back and told me that it had been shipped.

BTW, I have no problem with the shipping polices of a company I do business with, IF I know them in advance. I wanted a Keene A52 for a trip this coming weekend, and set out to buy one from a company that could get it to me on time. And Keene themselves turned out to be the one...according to what I was originally told. - Patrick understood this, stepped up and took care of business.

There is a reason why I drink coffee from a Keene Engineering coffee mug...they are a good company.

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I have had very good service from Pat and the gang at Keene as well, so you can pour me a cup of that brew !! Although Jen will strongly disagree.

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Yep, me too. Theres nothing quite like the sweet mechanized ka-klunk of my puffer breaking the dead silence of the desert air, its pure music.

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