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The Real Gold...

Skully Dog

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They say that during the gold rush the people that made the most money were those who sold supplies to the miners. I tend to believe this, because I went out on Sunday and found a little gold...then came home and ordered a Keene A52 sluice, a Blue Bowl kit, and a Desert Fox. - My long hip waders like 'ole Gum Boot Bill wears are on back order. :)

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Wine,women and song lube the wheels of life and mining provides all for those who walk tall. No better life but lookn' fer yet another wife---please send pic of your dredge please- :D John PS-thanx to who ever put that miner pic in my avatar,that other empty pic looked like my mind before the 2nd cup a coffee- BLANK :wubu:

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Skully Dog, I have some equipment for sale :lol:

No seriously I am selling a small 12 volt Trommel $595.00 weight 27lbs. very light and small. I would post a picture, but not a clue on how to do it.


I use photobucket. It's the easiest way in my opinion. Copy the direct link image code, then click on the image icon right below the smiley above in the reply box (it looks like a tree), paste the image code, hit enter, and BAM! You posted a pic!

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