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Driveing Miss Gracie


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After my heart problems & leaving her alone at Rye Patch to take care of

every thing, She was about 80 then & stone deaf, when I got back at camp from

the hospital there in winnemucca NV. There was two strangers camped down

the hill from us, they took over & would not let us do a thing, loaded ATV. &

solar panels & other junk you accumulate around your camp, hooked up the

trailer for us & would not except any pay, I wish I could remember there

names, but am sure they know who they are. Thanks Guys.

We had to make trip to Dallas yesterday, Gracie was to act as navigator,

She was lousy at telling me how to go, but had no problem telling where to go.

Driving 75 & 80 on the freeways, not knowing where you are at and where

you are going, expecting some nut to put a bullet in my direction, for not

going fast enough.

Pick up passed me cut in front & sprayed me with what smelled like diesel,

blind as a bat. If I was not driving a truck that would really get up & go

we would never have made it through 3 lanes of heavy traffic to the shoulder to get what felt like an

Elephant off my chest & to clean the crap off the windshield.

Gracie informed me that there would be no more adventures in the darn

desert with an old fart with a bad ticker if we made it back home in one peace,

She repeated that information over & over after some small problems on the

2000 miles home, More or less. Dam crazy drivers.

Gracie Informed me that she would never get into a vehicle that I was

driving again, never, I reminded her that she was a long way from home.

After flying up & down every express way in Dallas & surrounding cities at

75 miles an hour for 5 hours, Gracie screaming at me to let her out of this

*%#S truck.

I decided to call it quits & try to find my way home, found an expressway

that said East, I new we lived E of some place & after flying down the

expressway at 80 & 90 for an hour or so came to a place that I remembered

vaguely & we were home free, after a couple hours of Gracie screaming words that I

had never herd from her before, we arrived home sweet home never to travel

in the same vehicle together again, Never driving Miss. Gracie again. Never.

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Chuck, we only stayed 11 months in Texas. This was after living in California. Crazy driving habits down there. You don't really need a windshield as much as a rear view mirror.

ps. At your age, what's the rush?

Forgive Miss Gracie. She's the best thing you got going and I don't even know either one of you.

That elephant is your new friend. Every time he talks to you, listen carefully and sit your ass down, cool off, don't stress.

Live long and prosper.

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Done, let me know if I messed up with any of the details, I have the original post saved so I can get it right if need be. Skip

Thanks Skip, I need to learn to fix my goofs,I am prone to goof a lot lately, I can handle Gracie's screams of terror for 200 miles but it was way over 2000 miles to our dump by the lake.

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