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Finally Smoothing Out.....

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Hi All,

First thanks for your patience with this last upgrade and it was a bugger to get smoothed out. We are still seeing a few small issues and working on them, but I like the new version and we have allot more features both at the board and in Administration.

I am working hard to get thins back 100% stable and am getting Skip into the game to help out as well.

Once done there will be some cool things happening including the outing and some contests here at the forum.

Sooooooo stay tuned.

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I like the new format and the bugs were nothing but entertainment. You are doing a great job and we all appreciate the fantastic forum. Besides, seeing Homefire as a triple titted mattress thrasher was worth any inconvinience.


Thank you Bob......

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I didn't notice any bugs, thought it was a smooth transition and totally missed out on the "Homefire" thing, man...(Bob you crack me up)....."seeing Homefire as a triple titted mattress thrasher was worth any inconvinience." Now THAT is just plain FUNNY !! Could we go back a few weeks so i could see it too? :lol: I must have read that ten times and laughed even harder each time. :lol: :lol:

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His avatar was a not too smart looking blonde with three (count 'em, THREE) Big mango shaped hooters. I figure that would not be too bad if she had two in the front and one in the back for dancing. But this one had all three across the front. Quite thought provoking.

Maybe that photo is floating around Homie's hard drive and he can post it?

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