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luckylark-lithium ion battery


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my lucky lark lithium battery pack wont take a full charge , the charger-mouse shaped thing with

1 indicater led stays orange, volt meter says its 6.81-6.82 volts before and after charging.

i`m wondering if there is a cure for this or will the battery have to be replaced ?

any one else had this problem ? thise battery is 3 or 4 years old and was`nt used for about ayear

THANKS for comments or ideas. topock bob

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I don't know about the lucklark but any battery sitting for a year and not discharded and charged could have

problems....try hooking up your detector and let it sit for several hours and run the battery down...after several

hours check the voltage and then recharge it for several hours....I would recharge it hour for hour....discharged

for five hours then charge for five hours and then take another voltage reading...

Possibly do this a couple of times....hope this helps...or somebody else has a better idea...

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