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Thinking of Running Punch Plate

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Hi, I am thinking of running 1/4-3/8" Punch Plate in a 4' x 10" sluice.

The reason why I am thinking of this is, I can shovel right into the sluice and the bigger rocks should roll right off. ( I hope ) :grr01:

If I run it passed the 2nd or 3rd riffle it should calm the water where I can run it a little faster. = move more material.

I currently use a screen at the flare of the sluice, but it's a pain every time I have to kneel down to clean it out. Also takes to time. (hard on the back )

I am sure I am not the 1st to think about this in a sluice.

I was just wondering how long should the punch plate be; Should it cover the riffles and how many riffles ?

The height of the plate at the front of the sluice say 1/2", height at the rear 1/2" above the riffles. ?

Punch plate hole size 1/4" or 3/8" At 3/8" would that size disturb the water flow ?

This is just WAG like someone else said.

Thank you


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Size of the holes depends on the size of the gold you expect to recover at your site. If you can, make one 1/4" 3/8" & 1/2"

so you can change them out as needed. As to how long to make them, the first four or five riffles should take care of

it, with little or no clearence from the top of the riffles. Anything larger than the holes will pass over anyway, if gold

it should be traped in the remaining riffles if you have the angle right and the flow. I sometimes run 1/4" at the top of

mine and it seams to help on the very fine stuff, but that may be to water flow being set better. Punch plate is not a cure

all but it can help sometimes, same as running a slick plate and no riffles. As usual, just change one thing at a time so

you know if it helped or not.

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Simply put a hinge on your screen or punchplate and flick it over and clean and good to go,with NO leaning over. 1/2" punchplate 1" off the bottom should rock that ol'sluice but shoveling?? your back will still bite ya but good-John

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Hi xt18000, John, Flak,

Thank you all for the info. The au is very fine -50 -100 mesh to small pickers.

The hinges; I just haven't figured out how to fabricate that into the sluice yet. I wanted to set it up so that I can use a shovel to flick it over without kneeling down. Still thinking on that idea. That's why I was thinking punch plate, simple and less moving parts to go wrong out in the field.

Regarding the back, Shoveling isn't to bad, it's the bending over and kneeling down that bites.

Flak, it was a pleasure to meet you at the wspa outing in Nor Cal.


wspa 037

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I've been checking out their sluice boxes for quite some time now, and always liked the design. After dinking around with my own designs, I think it would be quite effective to introduce some drop riffles.

As to the punch plate; I would go with 1/4", because of the type of gold you're recovering, and hinge it. No need to go bigger, right? I know how you feel about the back pain too. It's what makes me go home, well before I would like to. Ha ha. The gentlemen on this site have some great input!

Have fun, and good luck!



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Ive been cking prices on punch plate. Dang metal prices are sky high. Steel 35.00, Aluim 60.00 Stainless 80.00 for a 10"x 3' 3/8" holes and those are Rems.

Thanks and Good luck to All.

"So much Ground to cover So Little time"


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Jon (Broken Arrow) check out Competition Metals. They have AWESOME prices on rems and even shelf metals.

I agree with the 1/4" plate for your area, but would make a few in the 3/8" & 1/2" sizes to account for other areas you may visit.

Anything you can do to slow the water a tad and even the flow (make it more laminar) will help drop the fines out of suspension. I would even put it over some black ribbed or vortex mat because those create less eddy current to swirl the fines and chance washing them away.

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Yes I'm going with 1/4" plate. I do run square groove shallow black matting all the way up the flare. This helps to know with each shovel if your getting gold. (great for sampling) I also run Stainless steel riffles at a little steeper angle and 3/8" taller than most sluices, this helps trap the super fine and you can run it a little faster than most.

Now I'm hoping and wishing that I can find a few Nice pockets to clean out :)

Thank You

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