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Josephine County (Oregon) Board of Commissioners


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Josephine County Board of Commissioners Sandi Cassanelli has been on the side of miners from day one she was elected she has been working on getting back to the old mining law and open the closed areas that have been closed by the BLM and USFS now she is the victim of a recall election for trying to stand up for tax payer right on a stream line government and to stop tax payer waste in government

Now she need our help with a letter writing campaign in getting the word out that she is for saving tax payers money and opening the closed area’s that have been closed by our federal government

Please show our support by a letter writing campaign to the Grants Pass Daily Courier



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I sent a letter to the Daily Courier sunday evening, got an E-mail from Julie Hall at paper asking for ph. # for verification as they have been having trouble with a crank. Sent # to her she called and said letter would be printed. My letter is below with my reply to Ms. Hall.

To the citizens of Josephine Co. it has come to my attention up here in Tillamook, Co. that one of your County Commissioners, namely Sandi Cassanelli, has come under attack by a group of, no doubt, Socialist Trolls calling for her recall. This is a really disgusting ploy used by leftist groups whose aim is government control of every aspect of your daily life.

Ms. Cassanelli has been fighting the systematic closing of roads into the mountains (public lands) by the BLM & USFS which they say is to protect the land for future generations. Well with all the love in my heart for my future generations, phooey, what about the present generations. For all her hard fighting for your rights to use “public lands” and streamline county government she is threatened with recall.

Don’t let this travesty happen, don’t let the Trolls win, don’t let a “good” public servant slip through your fingers and let the Socialist control freaks take over, your life depends on it.

Dennis Sheridan TSgt, USAF Ret.

Tillamook, OR

Ms. Hall, no problem with ph. # it's 503/xxx-xxxx. My purpose is support

people, like Ms. Cassanelli, who stand up for our rights and freedoms as

written in the Constitution and the mining law of 1876. The ML 1876 allows

American citizens to prospect on public land and if an area is deem to have

a large accumulation of the mineral of interest to establish claim to those

minerals. The USFS and the BLM have been routinely closing roads accessing

those public lands to prospectors, hunters and yes even nature types. They

do this under the guise of preserving it for future generations, well quite

frankly future generations can take care of themselves, it's my generation,

which I might add is coming a rapid close (I am 68) which is my present

concern. If I fight for the constitutional and ML 1876 rights now future

generations of my family line and many other lines will be able to squat

next to a mountain stream with a pan and search for that shiny yellow metal

unrestrained by a bureaucratic leviathan wishing to control the every

movement of the population.

Dennis Sheridan

Tillamook, OR


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