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Hot Hunt !


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Probably against our better judgement a friend and I stayed a couple days out doing some beepin :head: and also managed a bit of drywashing earlier this week. We did some night hunting which resulted in a few nuggets , and several critters....

Heres a couple of them near my hydropack :cigar:


Tuesday we set up canopys and sunshades in a likely spot for some drywashing. B)


Well lets just say that the there was no delay in the temperature climbing , and quickly! :scare: Heres a shot of the thermometer we kept hanging under a canopy, at 112 degrees it was still early in the day, and by 3pm the mercury had peaked at 115.5 Degrees in the shade.


The truth is that we never slowed down, and with exception of a few breaks, we worked from near dawn to dusk. LOTS OF WATER!!

Heres some beeped nuggets. left side are his, and the right side are mine. :head:


Total take on the drywashing was just over 3 Grams :brows:


Wednesday was alot cooler and finished up our spot when it hit 105 ;)

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Very nice! What is the silver colored nugget? Umm, silver?

Looks like fun!


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WTG Adam and Co. :thumbsupanim ? I've been itching to get out but its to darn hotttttt ^__ -I work in it all week-I don't want to play in as well :nutty: .I've been crushing some gold ore I have- picking out the big stuff and running it through a black magic fine gold sluice with good results :zip-lip: -so I guess not all is loss <__ Mike C... :ninja:

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Thanks guys , it just boiled down to hard labor as none of the gold would have been found without hours of shoveling.

Frank , all the pieces on the coil were beeped with exception to maybe a few of the smallest, those were probably just specked while digging a target.

Paul , I suspect that the silver nugget is indeed just that. The crystal structure,patina, and density certainly point that direction.

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