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SD/GP/GPX Detector Insurance for $1.00

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What you are seeing in the photo is a swimming pool "noodle" between the control box and wrap around cover.

They can be had for a buck at the local stores.

I picked up this "tip" from a good hunting buddy.

Cut it to length then slice it a little more than half its thickness.

Place it in between your control box and wrap around cover.

Next time you take a crap%%R climbing or decending a grade or if you just happen to drop your detector it will have a cushion.

Instead of a concussion.

After taking a few slips an slides I consider this a must have.

Thanks and a tip o the hat to "Suburban Jack"

1 gold gettn son of a gun.

Hapy Huntn

Frank C.

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Frank, you ought to cut some pieces for your back pockets also.......... :lol:


....or buy a pair of the padded underwear and you'll have the women flocking to you and have the slip down butt protection as well!!! :spinnin:

Great idea on protecting the control box!!!


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That padding sure would help when I fall down the slave digs...happens all to often....guess other folks

could put the padding on the side of their detector so when the closet door closes it doesn't hurt the

detector :lol:

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