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Want to Improve your Gold Detecting / Prospecting ???

frank c

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Its been a while since I visited Bill Southerns "Articles" pages. The hot summer and debt of winter are good times for reading, improving your knowledge and chances of finding where those nuggets are sittin just waiting for someone to BEEP EM.

Worthwhile time can be spent here, http://www.nuggetshooter.com/articles/articles1.html

Hapy Huntn.

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Don, it seems this past year or so I have been doing alot of research , and my recovery has vastly improved for it. I'm a happy camper lately and still searching for a membership in the 1 ouncer club !!!! :head::D

You have hit the nail on the head, Frank! I believe that research is the most important tool for any treasure hunter or meteorite hunter. The only reason it is not as important for a prospector is that we rely on hundreds of years of research that has already been done. And if you are looking for a really big one research will get you closer, faster than twice as many hours in the field swinging a detector.

Some folks swing until they find one by chance and luck. Others do their research and find a biggie with smarts and knowledge. The ones that use smarts will find big ones repeatedly. The ones that do it by luck and chance will only rarely repeat the performance.

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I read all that Bill had posted back in 04. Then go back periodically to reread.

What brought me back recently is my other half has just recently started getting into detecting. I have her set up with a "Frank C customized hot rodded" 2200v2 and now shes ready to learn about the " field" along with learning the detector.

So I have to find articles for her to read so she will start to understand what its all about.

She is literally dying to find her 1st nugget.

And there have been alot of newbies posting lately like Chris Coffee, they aren't aware of this info Bill has untill somebody links them.

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Hi Frank

Thanks for the heads up on some great information and good reads!!!

Gosh ...I've been around 2+ years and hadn't found it. BTW I blame


Thank You Bill and all that contributed to a great site.


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Now Herb; if you would have listened to me...you would have been there...

I just don't get any respect...


Hi Fred

Guess it got lost in all of the other excellent info you've

passed on to me and many others.

See you out there my friend!


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Thanks Franck for this wealth of information that make me discover. I have my GMT coming soon and the link you posted is just what I need to be ready before I get my detector. I'm increasingly convinced that i've knocked at the right door. Keep on the good work.


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