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It was actually a BIG ONE! I thought I felt shaking but I wrote it off as my imagination. But folks south of me said they had things falling off the shelves. It wasn't unitl this morning that people started squawking about the shaker.

Where I was it just felt a little dizzy.

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Looks like the quake is right on the motherlode back there

That's it is, I have numerous friends in that area and some of the best gold in Virginia is found right at the epicenter, it should open up some new cracks in the creeks to find some gold!!

Everyone seems to have come through the quake OK with just some structural damage to some homes for the most part, and of course they don't have earthquake insurance, so they will have to repair the damage out of their pockets!


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Obama hurried back from MA when he heard. He and a group of scientists determined that the quake occured on what has been identified as "Bush's Fault".

paratrooper you should send that to our dear leader....he'll probably pay you for that one!!!!

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A Geologist on the tube said that east coast rock formations are cold in relation to the west coast, so what would be a ho-hummer out here on the left coast was teeth rattler in the east. Who cares it's just to bad the epicenter wasn't at the golf course where Obummer was and a sinkhole open up and swallow his skrawney butt.


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