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Gold $1,900+!

Uncle Ron

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I don't know whether to holler "WAHOO" or "oh crap" .... Cheers, er, whatever, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Be careful out there Frank C.....lost is not as bad as DEAD!!!

Just a reminder what 1 kilo of gold nuggets look like....post-300-0-92925800-1314123957_thumb.jpg

or at spot that would be $190,000.00....more or less

I wish, but unfortunately not. 1 kilo of nuggets is only 32.15 troy oz. x US$1900 = US$61,086.37

A easy mistake to make when looking at a kilo of nuggets :thumbsupanim

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:thumbsupanim ANYTHING OVER $1,000 IS A GIFT FROM THE MAN UPSTAIRS :puke: hate to remember all the pounds sold at less than $500 to sustain life,pay for colleges,lawyers and X-wives :grr01: John
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