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Possible Virginia Meteorite find

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There is a about five to ten "finds" like this one scattered over about a ten acre plot on my family's land in VA. I have been doing some digging and am unsure what to make of it. They are the only stones in the area that look like this. They are well weathered and are near wetlands. Each "find" is this size or larger. What do you guys think we have here?



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Welcome to the forum! As Frank mentioned, pics are hard to tell from whether something is or not is a meteorite. They appear to be real weathered, approx. 2-3" by 2-3", so relativity small stones. Again, try to "window" a small corner in them to see what the inside looks like. Then, do a streak test on the underside of the toilet tank. The color can be used in determining what it is. You could go as far as doing a bulk density test to get further results (posted on this forum by Desertsunburn). Does it stick to a magnet? These are all things to look for when considering something a meteorite. Good luck, and keep us posted.

Jason ;)

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a love stone....

Hi Fred! I have to ask! What's your definition of a love stone??? :thumbsupanim


Oh! Wait! I found it!! :huh:

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Nope. The definition is just a fu<&ing rock. I have several tons of love stones that I have packed in to the homestead so I am an expert at them now.

And yes Frank, some love stones are SHEmatite and some are HEmatite and some you just cant tell. With some others it does not matter.

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It seems we are hitting the "post" button about the same time Fred!

My Moqui Balls are the only true love stone. The rest are all just fu<&ing rocks.

And gemstones will definitely improve your sex life. Just walk into a club with a handfull of diamonds and see how tough it is to get laid. Rubies and emeralds will probably work almost as good. And in this case hundred dollar bills are also considered gemstones.

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