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About 3 weeks ago I was detecting in a stream. I stepped on a slippery rock and down I went.

The detector and I went plunging into the stream. I received a nasty gash in my right hand and the detector was competely submerged. I didn't even notice the gash until my wife pointed it out, I was worried about my G.B. ^__

Well I sent the G.B. off to Fisher for them to check it out. I got it back yesterday and to my surprise they replaced the control modual from a G.B. 3 to a G.B. 4., and they didn't charge me a dime.

Fisher "Rocks" in my book! :wubu:

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I got to lookin' at the disc, the old one was pretty scuffed up. I'll be danged if they didn't replace that too. B)

So, they sent me a complete brand new unit, modual and disc. :WOW:

Now how's that for service and standing behind their product, eh? :brows:

I have never been treated so well by any company. :D

Thanks Fisher!!! :thumbsupanim

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I believe he is refering to the Gold Bug that came out before the Pro did which could be concidered the 4, but isn't, maybe they updated from the gold bug to the pro if thats possible. The difference from the Gold bug Pro to the Gold Bug DP is coil size.

Gold Bug 2, Gold Bug, Gold Bug Pro, Gold Bug DP, wonder which one he has??


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I got my G.B. from Cabela's last November. The carton just reads "Gold Bug".

If you press and hold the ground balance button, then turn the unit on, the screen displayed a "3".

The unit I got back displays a "4".

So that's why I called it a G.B."4".

I'm going to call Fisher for a clarification as to just what I now have.

I'll let ya'll know what they say.

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I just got off the phone with Fisher.

It's not the Pro or DP.

It is a "Gold Bug". No other designation other than the screen reading "4" instead of "3".

I was told it was upgraded.

So, I'll just call it a G.B. 4.

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Hey All, What Allen said is pretty well correct. There was no difference other than the coils between the several versions of the Gold Bug when it came out. They were all version 3, When you sent your unit in it was upgraded to a version 4 which is exactly what the Gold Bug Pro is.

You should be able to tell a slight difference on the Ground Balance and also on the Audio. I dont know how often you use your machine so you may not notice the change but it is there. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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