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Howdy Folks,

During a recent trip Ely, NV., to hunt the Yelland Dry Lake, a group of meteorite hunters decided to explore the Alamo Breccia. Jim & Wendy, Stan, Richard, and myself braved the heat to explore the Alamo Breccia after seeing it on the Meteorite Men to see what they had previewed and explained on T.V. There wasn't much there, nor did we find any fossils. But, the few specimens we did find turned out to be pretty cool. Here is one of my specimens, that I polished up. It is approximately 300 grams or so, and took about 3 hours of polishing. There are some flaws that I noticed after shooting the pics, but nonetheless, it turned out ok. Enjoy, Jason. ;)



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Hi Guys,

As for polishing the rock I used the local rock shop's Lap machine. For those unfamiliar, it's basically a record player with water and different "records" of sanding material for rocks. I started with 80 grit and polished for an hour. Then moved onto the next several disks. Something like 140, 260, 270, 280, 300, 600, 800, 1,200, 3,000, 8,000, then 14,000 grit types were used in polishing the slab. I probably could have spent more time using the different grit's bu as it was, time I didn't have nor the money per hour use. All-in-all, I polished it for three hours and noticed some scratches at the ends where I would pick it up and replace it on the Lap. Meteorites are sometimes polished this way too, but for all my small projects, I just used the genie. The genie is a small grinding wheel, with three different fine grain sanding disks.

Jason :)

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Hi Jason and All

A trick I learned from Johnny Quesiddilla Gwilliams is to take various grades of wet sandpaper and duct tape it to your formica countertop. :huh: Add a few drops of water occasionally and sand away <_< . I was shocked how nicely some meteorite slabs came out and no worse for wear the countertops :o . They cleaned up nicely but be careful Ni is poisonous :wacko: . So Please don't eat the countertops :shrug: !! I should think it would also work on this breccia material :hmmmmm: . I now prefer to ruin Sweetpea laps on he faceting machine :whaaaa: .

Happy Huntin John B.

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