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Disneyland and Mohave Greens

frank c

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Very nice Frank. You could sell quite a few of those if you had the mind to.


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JIM, there all the same to me. I picked the hat up at a 2nd hand store in Vegas it was brand new with the tags still on it. Except for the fact it has Disney advertising its well constructed and will last quite a while.

And both ends of the spectrum too " fantasy" (Disney) and reality ( Mohave's)

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This guy should get an award (or ticket) as a great DIY'er...


and if women ruled the world...


Garimpo, if you like those type pictures, check out "The Oops List", especially the "women live longer" and "yeah, it's a woman" series. Beware though, you could pass half the day viewing the stuff on that site without realizing it.


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UPDATE....that's what you say when you realize you forgot to say something in the last post....

If any of you are planning on traveling to Australia don't wear anything made from animal skins...

like belt buckles....hat bands....coats....boots...belts...because the Aussies will confiscate them

as you enter the country at customs....

They have display cases ofconfinscated items in the main lobby of the terminal...those folks are


I saw four big burly cops leading a very upset mouthy passenger who had on his feet Ell skin boots...

after the cops got there he had on pretty white socks...

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