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I lost my friggen snuffer bottle!

C Denny Run*

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Yesterday morning, I panned (in my garage) what was left from Saturdays sluice boxing , and proceeded to pack everything up and head back out. Somewhere between my garage, the store, and my spot, I misplaced the little bugger. It had three days worth of work in it, and now I don't have a snuffer :*&$*(:

I sluiced for about three hours wondering where it went, and figured maybe I left it at home, but... nope....I lost it. It sure makes getting you fines hard to get out of the pan!!!

The funny thing is, you would think it would be a easy thing to come by, right? I checked all the local rock shops, hardware stores, and so on, but alas, no snuffer bottles. Looks like I'll have to go online for this one.

Thanks for listening to me rant!


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Yeah, it's more than frustrating at the time eh? I was looking around my garage, like a smoker that lost his cigarettes. ha ha. I probably had close to a pennyweight in that little bugger.

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