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How Do You Interpret Information From County Courthouse


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Hi Guys-

When I was out west a few years ago, I visited the local courthouse with a buddy of mine hoping to get information on some claims. Needless to say neither of us could make heads or tails out of it out of it. How does anyone extrapolate the information on the claims from the courthouse onto a topo map so we can hunt legally without trespassing on someone elses claims? We both had a hard time interpreting those county records.


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The huge maps on the counter show the locations in the books full of smaller maps. You write down the map numbers--then look up the location in the books and write down the page numbers and add the lot numbers at the end. Then you go to the computer or microfische and utilize this info-so book number 4-page number 3-then lot number 4 and you have the assessors description and good to go. When in the boonies look for any postings for person name,name of claim or CAMC number and most county courthouses have computers to look all this up. OR utilize the info and call the local yokel BLM public info room and all you desire will be delivered for a dime a page-party on and get ya some-John

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