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Boy! It's time for some schooling! LOL

Start Here and Keep following all the leads.


And then you better learn about this!


And Then you better learn about any of the County Recorders Offices you plan to play in!


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You Asked! LOL!

First you go out and scout around.

Find something Worth looking into?

Look for Claim Markers.

If you find one, document the claim number/associated name and look at LR2000.

If that shows it as a valid claim, your next step is to go to the county recorders office and verify if in fact it is.

If it is, you can't do any mineral extractions on that ground.

If it's not, you can play.

You would be better off joining a Club or something like the GPAA.


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I wanted to answer this post but I was not sure how to start. Homefire gave you a wealth of knowledge and it will be years before you could possibly appreciate how perfectly he laid out the info.This is a complex hobby that takes into account land, law, geology, history, survival, chemistry and physics. Take it in small bites and you will be rockin!

There is lots of info on claims and how to locate them and do your research. An advanced gold prospector does a hell of a lot of research. You need to take baby steps at first and locate one spot to go panning and then worry about learning land ownership.

Join a club in your area and find someone who can show you the ropes. Read the archived threads in this forum and you will know everything there is to know. When you learn a little about how a claim is filed (the links are right there) and what your rights and responsibilities are on private and public land then we can sure fill in the details for you.

I bet if you asked for clubs and resources in a specific town someone would take you under their wing. And there is always the GPAA with claims you can enjoy and enough info to get you started in the right direction.

I would start right now with plowing through the threads in these forums. If you cant learn it from the discussions here you are not going to learn it.

Good luck Cheekako! And dont eat any ice worms when you are out there.

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Your efforts to do this right (and legally) are very appreciated! Nothing will piss a guy off more than to have strangers trampling around on his (or her) claim stealing gold that rightfully belongs to the claim holder. I wish more people like you were in this hobby.


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