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Avatar problems after upgrade

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If your avatar photo is gone after the upgrade you can go into your profile and reinstall it. Worked for me, showed it was there, but still wasn't working so I re-saved it and hit the browse button picked it back out and works now. Sorry about the hassle, but......

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I did all that Johnno but the prospector in my avatar has had a serious weight gain.

the dimensions are set up wrong...

help anyone?

I wi;ll check the settings David, tried to do it for you and still didn't work.... Hmmmmmmm working on it.

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Now THAT Bob...is an avatar I could marvel at !! You look reeeeel good in pink !

Thanks big fella!

Sometimes it is tough to accessorize. They dont make gold pans or bird vests that go with my tops. But I did find that Hogue makes hot pink furniture for the AR-15!

I wonder if that photo is really her. I have seen a lot of fakes on Snopes and other fraud busters sites but not that one. I think that one is real. At least I would like to think it is real. That is one heck of a rack boys. Whoever it belongs to has been blessed from God and probably Dr. Goldstein as well. Anyhoo they are GRRRRRRRRREAT! And they look just great on Sarah, or Sarah looks great on them!

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Hey! My avatar changed to my nugget all by itself! I hit the "post" button on the post above and when my screen reloaded it was my nugget photo as my avatar!

The nugget is nice but I LIKE THE PHOTO OF SARAH!

Under, “my settings” and then “general acct settings” I see the button “change your photo”. I do this and my avatar does not change. Just the photo on my profile.

I loaded Sarah Palin in there this morning and it was my avatar all day. Suddenly it changed to the photo of my nugget. Now I can load whatever photo and it does not change my avatar. I see no spot to change the avatar…only the “profile photo”. I have been through the darn controls for the past fifteen minutes and have looked everywhere. I can’t figure it out.

Is it broke or is it me? Or maybe both?

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First time I've ever seen an Avatar stolen....hmmmmm

Maybe it was hte leftist guerillas or the right wing fundamentalists. Either way the avatar is changing at will and it does not seem to matter which photo you load. I am just going to let it work itself out.

Sarah was only around for a few hours and I already miss her. It is going to be hard to go back to the old avatar of me standing by the cruiser. The really beautiful ones dont stick around too long. Oh well. She was sure sweet while she lasted.

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Wow, now you're the paint-by-numbers guy.

Now I am Sarah Palin again! This thing is on automatic! I loaded the photo of a really ugly baby and it showed on my "ohoto" and my profile. When I came back to the forum I was Sarah Palin again!

I think it is safe to say things are not running so smoothly. Oh well.

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