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Reno Nv gold panning


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ok so im brand new to the gold panning process. i live a little north of Reno, Nv and was wondering if there are any good spots to take the family to have some fun and try to find some of that yellow metal. not looking to make any money just want the thrill of finding some in a pan.

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quick look on minecache shows a lot of gold in the area. I would expect most seasonal and running creeks would produce. I'm over the hill near the gold discovery park in California.

The foothills west of 430 and south of 395 look promising if the land is not private.

Try the dry wash off of Heindel rd.

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Just go up 395 and hang a left to Grayeagle,quincy and the feather river for fun and gold in the sun or-Carson City east to Brunswick canyon road,hang a right to the river,left downstream and good gold down by the railroad over the river overpass-cool---John

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Peavine also has a small gold district and minor historical production. The interesting bit of history of the copper produced there: Early on in Reno much of the copper produces from Peavine was used in the city until it was discovered the copper had an alloy of gold! Much of the copper was torn out and refined for the gold!

I too have tried to find gold on the mountain and did not succeed, but I have seen a few nuggets that Darryl form Reno Prospectors bought that came from there....

Crystal peak, is a Pegmatite intrusion and carries no gold, but the quartz crystals are certainly worth a trip!

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At Stead look north and see the large water tank, follow that road up and try the drainage thats next to the road.

Back when I was dredging I got a few grams there during the snowmelt, likely a drywasher (Ol'Yeller) would be the method now

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